Ayurvedic healing treatments
Ayurvedic healing treatments
Ayurvedic healing treatments

About Ayurveda

Traditional comprehensive health care system recognized by the World Health Organization, whose main objective is primarily disease prevention. Thanks to well-chosen herbal remedies and modified menus you can boost immunity, recharged the energy, get rid of toxins and difficulties such as swelling of the legs or back pain and you can improve state of your skin.

According to Ayurveda is in each of us the combination of the three energies (Doshas) Vata, Pitha, Kapa, which lies in 5 elements. From them is derived your character and temperament. If one dosha is dominated, it affects our health. Diseases are the result of an imbalance of doshas. On average, we violate it with our own poor eating habits, lack of exercise, stress. The use of nutrition is the basic assumption of Ayurvedic treatment system. Diet is perceived as a natural medicine. Basic of Ayurveda lies primarily in a change of lifestyle. Products, which we will treat you, is possible to buy, but the most important is to change eating habits.

Ayurvedic diet

Ayurveda sees food as natural medicine. It identifies five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter. While everything is in balance, each of them should be on your plate. Ayurvedic menu is rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits and rice. You should drink water and tea.

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Ayurvedic healing treatments

Head massage (Shirobyanga)

Oil is applied to the head, and is absorbed into the scalp through the roots of the hair. This nourishes, lubricates, and strengthens the hair roots and the skin of the scalp preventing hair loss and premature graying. It improves circulation to the head; relax the muscles and nerve fibers.

Duration: 30 min. / Price: 41 € ( GOLD CARD holder 32,80 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Whole body massage (Abhyanga)

The whole body massage is always given with different types of oil depending on the body type (i.e. vata, pitta, kapha, or a combination). It is very beneficial for general rejuvenation, skin and musculoskeletal conditioning or problems such as obesity, body aches and pain.

Duration: 60 min. / Price: 63 € (GOLD CARD holder 50,40 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Neck and shoulder massage  (Griiva/Skandah Abhyanga)

Special herbal oil is applied on the neck and the shoulder in order to release muscular spasms, rheumatic pain and stress related conditions because the neck and the shoulder area is often stiff and tight.

Duration: 30 min. / Price: 43 € (GOLD CARD holder 34,40 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Massage of multiple joints (Six Joints)

The massage is performed with a special rare herbal oil for sore and stiff joints.

Duration: 30 min. / Price: 38 € (GOLD CARD holder 30,40 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Massage of upper limb  (Baahu Abhyanga)

Headaches, neck and shoulder pain or tired hands can rely from the tension in the hands. Hand massage will help relax the shoulders and can eliminate many problems.

Duration: 30 min. / Price: 27 € (GOLD CARD holder 21,60 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Hand massage (Hastha Abhyanga)

Hand massage has profound effects through the stimulation of acupuncture points and energymeridians that pass through the hands to the tips of the fingers. As reflex points on the foot, on the hands are areas that are within the body connected with the various authorities and systems, which helps us to more readily degrade foreign substances in the body.

Duration: 20 min. / Price: 27 € (GOLD CARD holder 21,60 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Leg massage (Pada Abhyanga)

By stimulating the blood circulation massage brings blood and nutrients to the legs, helps varicose veins. Deep and intense massage of large muscles helps to eliminate fatigue. Gentle stroking of the legs upwards towards the lymph nodes may help to reduce swelling and feeling of heavy legs.

Duration: 30 min. / Price: 33 € (GOLD CARD holder 26,40 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Foot massage (Padabhyanga) WITH FOOT BATH (Padavagaha)

During the foot massage, special attention is given to fine points. This massage reflexes the internal organs, it calms and enlivens. Foot massage has preventive and positive effects by the rough skin, numbness and fatigue in the cracks on the heels. It has proved itself in alleviating of acute pain and improves posture and health authorities.

Duration: 30 min. / Price: 41 € (GOLD CARD holder 32,80 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Back massage (Paschima Abhyanga)

Herbal oils massage which helps to relieve pain. It is done on the spine and along the spine. Back massage can have profoundly relaxing effect; it reduces stress, alleviates pain and may create a feeling of mental peace.

Duration: 20 min. / Price: 37 € (GOLD CARD holder 29,60 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Massage with peeling effect (Udvartana)

Body massage with special oil or a paste of ground grains cleans the skin and improves blood circulation in the body, promotes weight loss and removes debris causing the blockage, causing problems such as cellulite. This massage is especially effective in obesity.

Duration: 60 min. / Price: 88 € (GOLD CARD holder 70,40 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Face mask (Mukaubtan)

Mask is suitable for cleaning, regulation of the moisture content to soothe the skin.

Duration: 45 min. / Price: 49 € (GOLD CARD holder 39,20 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Nasal inhalation (Nasna)

Medical steam inhalation. It helps with problems arising from the common cold such as nasal congestion, blocked frontal and nasal sinuses and headaches, it relieves hay fever.

Duration: 20 min. / Price: 27 € (GOLD CARD holder 21,60 €)

Ayurvedic healing treatments

Herbal bath

Ayurvedic herbs in pleasantly warm water enliven the body, release tension and leach toxic substances. Bathroom provides the skin with a fresh and invigorating feeling. The body and spirit are stimulated.

Duration: 20 min. / Price: 24 € (GOLD CARD holder 19,20 €)

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