We think ecologically
We think ecologically
We think ecologically

We keep several ecological measures:

  • the rooms enforce „Green Program ” (exchanging of the towels and bed linen on request),
  • we pay attention to thorough waste separation,
  • 99 % efficiency against leakage of undesirable products into the surrounding countryside provides wastewater treatment plant and advanced grease,
  • used cooking oil is passed to the further processing,
  • we produce a proportion of electricity through high-efficiency cogeneration unit,
  • 80 % of the bulbs are saving light, we have developed an energy audit,
  • the rooms are set automatically switching off lights,
  • we use the lever water taps for accurate and fast water regulation,
  • we strive to reduce the use of disposable products (soap dispenser, homemade jams and spreads for breakfast, use glass jars in bedrooms),
  • the hotel is non-smoking,
  • each room has individually controlled air-conditioning with energy class A, when the window is open, it automatically turns off,
  • we try to reduce the volume of chemicals used, they are replaced with environmentally friendly mechanical cleaning (e.g. steam cleaner),
  • used textiles and furniture are devoted to the charity,
  • we prefer local suppliers of food, fruit and vegetables,
  • Tesla electric car charging stations,
  • replacing plastic gallons with drinking fountains.


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